Who is your favorite character? Why? Do you have a different favorite character from the book than the movie? Which character are you? *Find out by taking the quiz under "cool 'ol stuff"
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8/30/2010 01:12:44 am

When i first read the book, i was 12 and instantly fell in love with Ponyboy. He had many qualities that were similar to me and i felt a real connection with him - especially with how he viewed Darry, at first he thought Darry was just a mean big brother but later in the story he realizes Darry was just doing everything he could to keep Pony safe.
When i sa the movie, i was 14 and fell in love with Sodapop for very obvious reasons, haha.
Now im 24 and i've read and reread the book, watched and rewatched the movie and analyzed pretty much everything about the story and characters and found Steve to be particularly interesting. Not much is mentioned about him and most of what Pony says is negative towards Steve, but i get the feeling he was wrong, the same as he was first wrong about Darry.
So Steve is my favorite character. :)

1/9/2011 11:40:50 am

Happy every day in new year

3/25/2012 12:38:58 pm

no way if u loved the outsiders like real fans do u wouldnt even ask that question

11/4/2013 03:51:27 am

yoo mama.

1/9/2011 01:35:24 pm

Happy new year

dallas lover
4/19/2011 02:35:16 pm

i read the book and fell in love with dally i watched the movie and stayed in love with dally so dally is my fave character love him

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4/22/2011 01:02:44 pm

i love dally and me and my friend are kind of obsessed

4/25/2011 11:08:15 am

Johnny is my favorite in the movie he's cute and he still is heeheehee

karly and sarah
4/26/2011 02:30:22 am

our favorate is DALLY!!(: hes sooo fine!!(: hahaa we also like sodapop!!hes a cutie(: hahaa and johnny

4/26/2011 09:48:54 am

Johnny is definitely my favorite!

dallas lover
5/1/2011 03:43:31 am

yea dallyluver101 we r obsessed with the outsiders but at school u said that darry was ur favorite not dally MINE IS STILL DALLY AAND SODAPOP!!!!!!

6/21/2011 08:07:50 am

I <3 ponyboy! He"s so dreamy! And nice and smart! He"s got it all!

10/16/2011 10:16:44 am

Ponyboy or Johnny. I cried when Johnny and Dally died. I took a few quizzes to see which character would be my BF and what tge characters think of me. I got Two-Bit a few times, Sodapop, and Johnny. I got Ponyboy the most though. On one quiz I got Dally and I'm pretty sure the person who created it is one of those people who think opposites attract. I am a lot like Ponyboy and Johnny and Two-Bit. I feel like I know these characters. I had to read this for school and became obsessed. I'm gonna be a greaser for Halloween. I'm a greaser and middle class person except I'm not poor.I'm a greaser based on popularity but I'm not a hood.

10/16/2011 10:45:35 am

I took the quiz under cool ol' stuff and I'm Ponyboy. (I'm a girl though in case u couldn't tell from my username) I'm twelve and I predicted I would get Ponyboy I'm practical the spitting image of him.

10/16/2011 10:50:53 am

im also a lot like Ponyboy cuz my dad died when I was 11. If the characters were real, I'd go out with Ponyboy cuz he's dreamy and likes sunsets and reading like me, and knows what ive been through. I bet there's someone out there exactly like him. Hopefully.....

1/23/2012 07:56:39 am

I totally agree and hope someone out there is as dreamy and smart as and totally awesome as Ponyboy! I am sorry to here about your dad though:( I'm 12 too.

Anna/ Johnny Cade lover FOR EVA
8/10/2012 10:10:39 am

Hey girl! I hope there's is someone EXACTLY like eith Johnny or Ponyboy out there for me...

12/3/2011 07:12:01 am

sodapop was my fav in the book and rob Lowe was really awesome as soda
I wish they'd put more soda scenes in the movie
I took the quiz and I was tied between soda and steave!

4/15/2012 12:49:39 pm

There is a version with more soda scenes in it. Just thought I'd mention that

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12/31/2011 09:36:29 am

omgg!! definitly dally .. im 12 and in school we read the book and i feel in love with dally and that was only a few weeks ago and i watch the movie so much ! i agree with everyone that loves dally hes like a bad boy but he is always there for the greasers he is so cute , i wish for 2 things :
1.matt dillon would sigh autographs some where or any greaser
2.they didnt grew up they were still the age they were in there movie
i love all greases but especially dallas winston :)

1/23/2012 07:54:56 am

I ADORE AND LOVE PONYBOY!!!!! I love reading, movies, and sunsets as much as him. If i could have a greaser boyfriend it would definitely be Ponyboy. I am practically the spitting image of him (except for the fact that I'm a girl) If anyone wants to know who my favorite greaser is... its PONYBOY!!!!!

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2/16/2012 08:27:58 am

okay this is to ponyboylover i hope you read this! okay cuz your definitly a big ponyboy fan i have a question lol do u like ponyboys hair brown or blond ( with the grease in of course ;) ) ????? haha i hope you reply !!!

3/3/2012 11:02:53 am

both because either way it is still Ponyboy!!!!!:D

3/6/2012 06:00:25 am

haha lol so truee ;)

2/22/2012 12:21:14 am

Its BEAST!!!!!

2/22/2012 12:22:58 am

i love the book its amazinfg

8/10/2012 10:16:38 am

I love you Johnny, Dally, Ponyboy, Darry, Sodapop, Steve, and Two-Bit! Darry, you're doing a great job raising Ponyboy and Sodapop! Dally, there is still lot's of good in the world. You just have to find it. It's there. Johnny, you are my hero! Your parents will one day wake up and realize that they have the best son in the world! Ponyboy, you are a great guy. Stay gold. Sodapop, IDK how you can stand being so handsome, but you somehow you manage. Two-Bit, you are HILARIOUS! Steve, you are a great friend to Sodapop. Keep being there for him. You are awesome! Love you guys!

Dally's Girl
7/12/2013 02:06:44 am

Dally Dally Dally Dally Dally Dally! He's my fav character in the movie and book, cuz I love how he's so tuff, but you know that he cares about Jonny and the rest of the guys; also in the movies he's played by Matt Dillon❤!!!

Kobe Boy
11/1/2013 01:33:30 am

Dear S.E Hinton,

Your book, The Outsiders was an amazing book. The characters and plot seemed very real to me. If I were to pick a character that represented me, I would pick Ponyboy. He stands out the most in the Greasers. I think I’m someone that stands out in my group that I hang out with. Ponyboy is not like the other Greasers. He is more of a normal boy than the others. As I read your book, I had many interesting thoughts about life. I learned a few lessons from your book. One was to never get involved in gangs. The most important lesson I learned was to never run away from something you know you won’t get away from. This lesson helps me think before taking action.
I have some questions I want to ask you. Since you were a teenager when you wrote The Outsiders, was the plot based off of something that happened in your life? Does this book seem like your best yet? What other life lessons does this book teach? If The Outsiders was your first written book, did it surprise you that your book was a hit? Your book, The Outsiders is my favorite book of all books I read. The reason for this is the plot and characters seemed real and intriguing. I wish there were other books that were like yours.

Kobe Lu

12/4/2013 12:15:21 pm

I love the outsiders,period!

7/12/2015 01:15:27 am

my favorite caracter is Ponyboy and Johnny because i love see the sunset too #LoveOutsiders

5/4/2016 12:39:18 pm

Love them all especially Pony ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

11/7/2016 07:38:46 pm

I know that I'm the underdog here, but Darry is gorgeous!! I fainted when I read his description and his personality is on point I can't explain, but have mercy, he's sooo fine!!!!


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