Ponyboy Curtis

Ponyboy Curtis. We loved him since he stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house. Ponyboy is the main character and narrator of the beloved book, The Outsiders. Without him, there would be no story because his is the one being told (even if it is just an essay for his English teacher, Mr. Syme). Ponyboy is the youngest kid brother of Darry and Sodapop who all live together and look out for each other after their parents died. Johnny and Sodapop are his best friends and he can tell them anything.

Interests: Reading, seeing movies alone, watching sunsets, running
Dislikes: Cutting off his long greasy hair, bologna sandwiches, missing out on rumbles, getting bossed around by Darry

Our Favorite Ponyboy quote: "Nature's first green is gold,
                                         Her hardest hue to hold.
                                         Her early leaf's a flower;
                                         But only so an hour.
                                         Then leaf subsides to leaf.
                                         So Eden sank to grief,
                                         So dawn goes down to day.
                                         Nothing gold can stay."

Dallas Winston

Dallas Winston. He is a truly tuff-greaser and nothing can touch him but that is why we love him. Dally is the toughest, greasiest, roughest, most juvenile greaser of the bunch. There is enough of Dally to go around for everyone and no one can resist (not even Cherry). Who doesn't love his dark yet free spirit? Dally may be the toughest greaser yet but that doesn't stop him from loving his friends. His parents don't give a hoot what or where he is but his friends love him despite it all. His free spirit lives on in all of us.

Interests: Beating Socs, getting in trouble, getting out of trouble, smoking, helping out his friends
Dislikes: Hospitals, deaths, missing out on rumbles, little kids

Our favorite Dally quote: "We gotta win that fight tonight. We gotta get even with those Socs. Let's do it for Johnny, man. We'll do it for Johnny!"

Johnny Cade

Johnny "Cake". Johnny is everyone's pet, everyone's kid brother. He is everyone's friend but Ponyboy is his best friend who gets caught up with him in their messy adventure and struggle and battle against the Socs. He lives the life of a tough greaser but the poor kid struggles with his home life and the Socs, like Bob and Randy, who beat up on him. You gotta love that deep down softy old pup Johnny Cake really is. Johnny leaves Ponyboy with advice that you're gold when you're a kid, like green. When you're a kid everything is new, dawn, and it's when you get use to everything it's day. In the end, Johnny remains gold forever.

Interests: Gone With the Wind, watching sunsets, smoking
Dislikes: Socs, fighting, running and hiding, police

Our favorite Johnny quote: "Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold..."

Sodapop Curtis

Sodapop Curtis. Sodapop is a greasy sweetheart and everyone loves him. Sodapop, a great brother and great friend, has a very important role in the Outsiders. He is Ponyboy's mentor and best friend and he always seems to do things right. He is a high-school drop out who works full-time at a gas station and probably will for the rest of his life and he loves every moment of it. Sodapop is a great brother between Darry and Ponyboy but struggles keeping their small family together after their parents died. Between his loving personality and devilishly good looks, who could not love Sodapop Curtis??

Interests: His girlfriend Sandy, his horse Mickey Mouse, his brothers, rumbles, working
Dislikes: worrying about his brothers, school, reading, movies

Our favorite Sodapop quote: "One bawl-baby in the family's enough."

Darrel Curtis

Darrel Curtis. He is the eldest brother of the Curtis brothers and since their parents died he works like an old man. Although he is usually stressed and mad at Ponyboy, he cares very much about his brothers and only wants what is best. Back in school Darry was very popular and had great potential but he gave it all up so that he could work and look out for his kid brothers. But Darry doesn't like taking crap from anybody and not a lot of people test that when you can see his muscles through his shirt (which he loves to show off at big rumbles). No matter how much he may nag Ponyboy he only means best.

Interests: his muscles, rumbles, protecting his kid brothers, looking tuff
Dislikes: Ponyboy's smoking, worrying about his brothers, stress, deaths

Our favorite Darry quote: "When I want my kid brother to tell me what to do with my other kid brother, I'll ask you-- kid brother."

Two-Bit Matthews

Two-Bit Matthews. Our favorite wise-cracking greaser of all. For big-mouthed and joker Two-Bit, life is one big joke and he can bring a smile to anyone's face. He's the oldest of the group but the youngest at heart. Two-Bit loves getting in trouble with Socs, whether it's a fight with the guys or a fight for the girls. He watches out for everyone in the gang and is a sucker for Johnny and Ponyboy. Life is Two-Bit's party and he lives it up just for the kicks. He keeps everyone laughing at themselves and everything else.

Interests: Jokes, blondes, school, fights, chocolate cake and beer, Mickey Mouse, his jet-handled switchblade
Dislikes: seriousness, police, Socs, Johnny's mother

Our favorite Two-Bit quote: "He's so greasy he glides when he walks. He goes to the barber for an oil-change, not a haircut."

Steve Randell

Steve Randell. Steve is the completion to the Outsiders gang and is Soda's best friend. Steve works part-time with Sodapop at the gas station and is good with cars. He loves a good rumble and beat up on Socs which is what he is good at. He and Sodapop were always best friends and that is the only reason Ponyboy likes him because Steve never especially liked Ponyboy for being a tag-along and a kid. Combined with his greasy hair, his cocky attitude, and specialty of cars, Steve is definitely a one of a kind greaser. (But can you believe that was Tom Cruise?! I mean for God's sake he was the ugliest one!)

Interests: Cars, working at the gas station with Soda, girls, rumbles
Dislikes: Ponyboy tagging along, Socs

Our favorite Steve quote: "Shoot, I want to beat those Socs' heads in. When I get in a fight I want to stomp the other guy good. I like it, too."

Cherry Valance

Sherry "Cherry" Valance. This feisty red-head Soc stands out from the crowd to both socs and greasers. When Dally gives her and her friend, Marcia, a hard time at the Nightly Double drive-in movie she may be afraid but she sure doesn't show it. Cherry doesn't like to take crap from anybody. Not from dirty greasers; not from drunk socs. Cherry may seem like a beautiful, socy, stuck up cheerleader but she and Ponyboy develop a special relationship and realize that things are rough all over. She is always surrounded by Mustangs and easy breaks, but Cherry is convinced that not all greasers and socs are what they seem to be.

Interests: Ponyboy, Dally, drive-ins, talking
Dislikes: dirty greasers, alcohol, people disrespecting her, fights

Our favorite Cherry quote: "Rat race is the perfect name for it. We're always going and going and going, and never asking where...It seems like we're always searching for something to satisfy us, and never finding it."

Bob Sheldon

Bob Sheldon. Our tough Soc who doesn't break a sweat over anything with all his good grades, good cars, good girls, and easy breaks. Bob is at the top of the chain over everyone. Most certainly over the greasers and the top of the socs. Bob is the true bully in The Outsiders and people like him are what cause greasers to hate socs. After Bob, and his ringed fingers, beats up Johnny, the greaser hoods really watch out for socs. No one wants to get jumped by Bob and his likes. Bob drinks a lot and his girlfriend, Cherry, doesn't have time to deal with that and soon becomes friends with Ponyboy and Johnny which thus the problematic adventure begins for the boys. You don't want to mess with Bob because someone might just end up dead.

Interests: drinking alcohol, drive-in movies, his girlfriend Cherry, jumping greasers
Dislikes: greasers, Cherry interacting with greasers, Johnny

Our favorite Bob quote: "Need a haircut, greaser?"

Randy Anderson

Randy Anderson. Randy is your classic soc. He is Bob's best friend and follows whatever he does. Although Randy is a typical soc with Mustangs and Madras, he is a lot like Cherry in some ways. They are both rich socs who admire Bob for his leadership, but they form a connection with Ponyboy and realize that greasers and socs are just people and not all are what they seem. In the end of the story, we see a deeper part of Bob who comes out and proclaims that he and Ponyboy are all right.

Interests: jumping greasers, Mustangs, money, his best friend Bob
Dislikes: deaths, most greasers, the "rat race"

Our favorite Randy quote: "I'm a soc. You get a little money and the whole world hates you."